My name is Heather Sundquist Hall and I am an artist based in Austin, Texas. My work is heavily drawn from narratives. I grew up amongst a band of storytellers.  Each and every one of them had a part in shaping my attraction to illustrating my own story.

My illustrations have become pieces of the stories that I tell myself. Their purpose is to preserve memories like souvenirs. They serve as a place where I have control over how I want to address a memory and how I want to file it in my mind.

Much of my focus is on the details. It’s the subtle awkward shadow that I remember, or the kind of plaid a certain couch was that I sat on in November of 1986. These become the thumbnail sketches on how I bring up the memory of a person, place or thing.

My artwork is also my attempt to honor the past. Whether it’s the authentic parts or my own created versions. It’s where I can release something that was hard and simultaneously where I can explore a fantasy.

Although my work illustrates my personal stories, it is my hope that when making and sharing art, that I can create a connection with the person looking at it. I want them to pause for a quiet moment, to feel even just the smallest pull on their heartstrings. I want them to remember their own narratives, the stories that have shaped them and the stories they live by.

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